Meet The Rushton's

  Cinders Wood Fired Pizza started rolling in 2012 as a mobile wood fired oven. Started by husband and wife team Aaron and Cyndel Rushton, the company quickly became a favorite among followers all over Northern California. In 2013, at the persistent request of that following, the Rushton's wandered down the long road of remodeling a small abandoned pizzeria in Market Square. Nearly a year later, Cinders Wood Fired Pizza opened it's doors. The Rushton's reside in Downtown Redding with their three young boys. Aaron, a transplant from the Southern Oregon area, oversees the daily operation of the company and the growth of the Cinders brand. Many Cinders fan favorites are the brainchild of the restaurateur. Cyndel, a Redding native, oversees the marketing of the growing brand while raising three small pizzaioli. While you may not catch her daily in the restaurant like Aaron, her attention to detail is evident in the brand.