Meet The Big Cheese

     Cinders Wood Fired Pizza started as a dream of Aaron Rushton in 2011. Aaron, a transplant from the Southern Oregon area was working hard to support his kids while going to school. He has always been dedicated to his passion of family, music, food and especially community. After a hard choice of quitting school Aaron decided to change his career of music towards a path that he would be able to dedicate his time to his passions. In an instant dropping out one week and then flying to Boulder Colorado to go to pizza school. After perfecting his skills as a pizzaioli Aaron came back to Redding with a dream and determination. Cinders Wood Fired Pizza started rolling in 2012 as a mobile wood fired oven. Started as a little oven on the back of a trailer at local events and farmers markets, the company quickly became a favorite among followers all over Northern California. In 2013, at the persistent request of that following, Aaron wandered down the long road of remodeling a small abandoned pizzeria in Market Square. Nearly a year later, Cinders Wood Fired Pizza opened it's doors. Aaron has overseen the daily operation of the company and the growth of the Cinders brand for the last 6 years, and many Cinders fan favorites are the brainchild of the restaurateur. Now that Cinders is established in Redding, Aaron is working on bringing Cinders to the next level by expanding to new cities and bringing more people into the Cinders Family.